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Choosing a Good General Dentist Ann Arbor
Given the ever-increasing demand for dental care, the modern dental office is designed with a dental team approach for the delivery of dental care. The first individual a prospective patient meets in the dental office may lay the dental assistant. Many people base their impression of the dental practice on the dental assistant's personal appearance. It is at this first meeting that the dental assistant has the opportunity to build patient confidence and a pleasing atmosphere. Both are necessary for proper patient and practice rapport. Rapport can be defined as having a relationship of mutual trust and confidence between persons. The dental team is composed of dentist(s) dental assistants) dental hygienist(s), and dental lab technicians). Although the composition of the team may vary from office to office, it is the dentist(s) who always supervises the delivery of services to the patient. In order to select the best General Dentist Ann Arbor there are a lot of things have to be noted.?

 The first requirement for any member of a dental health team is to maintain good physical and mental health. A dental practice cannot afford to have an employee who is not physically well, has less-than-average ability to reason, or is unable to adjust to the dental environment. Failure to care for his or her own person cannot be tolerated. Second, each team member must know and practice the rules of professional ethics (dealing with moral conduct, judgment, and the ability to apply these capacities) and conduct. Each team member must exhibit social and professional self-assurance. Such proper behavior invites the confidence of the patient, and that confidence and trust must be treated with sincerity.

 Third, a friendly approach is highly desirable and is shown by a smile and a pleasant, calm, and patient attitude. Friendliness, rather than familiarity, indicates to the dental patient that the team members are courteous representatives of dentistry. Courtesy is capable of attracting many persons to a dental practice. Patients tend to come back to a dental office for help, empathy (feelings, thoughts, and motives that can be understood by another), and assurance. In contrast, patients will not tolerate a disinterested or egotistical dental team. Patients need to know they have a team that is honest and interested in their welfare. Fourth, a neat, well-groomed team member who exhibits good personal hygiene is an asset to any dental practice. In many offices the dental assistant wears a uniform that must be kept immaculate. Apart from this the clinic or General Dentist Ann Arbor should provide all the advanced facilities and treatments for all types of patients.

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