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Who Is a Pediatric Dentist Cleveland?
The pediatric dental practice provides dental care for children and is often referred to as pedodontics. The pediatric specialist treats children from birth through the eruption of their second permanent molars. The pediatric practice sometimes treats medically, mentally, or emotionally compromised adults. The scope of the pediatric treatment for children includes restoring and maintaining the primary, mixed, and permanent dentition and applying preventive measures for den¬tal caries, periodontal disease, and malocclusion. Al¬though there has been a decrease in the number of dental caries found in children, the restorative aspect is still a comprehensive part of the practice. The primary focus of the pediatric dental practice is preventive treatment and working with the compromised adult patient. The Pediatric Dentist Cleveland is concerned with the basic needs and special requirements for treatment of the young patient. The pediatric dentist has special training in child growth, development, and behavior manage¬ment. This training enables the pediatric dentist to successfully treat the emotionally and physically devel¬oping child and the special needs patient. The general dentist, other specialists, and physicians refer patients to the pediatric specialist for treatment. The general dentist, orthodontist, and pediatric dentist work closely to ensure the best overall dental care and education for the child patient.

 The pediatric dentists as a group have been very instrumental on all levels to improve dental care for children and to educate children and parents/ guardians. Many programs are available, but the need to provide these services is still great. Some areas have federal, state, or local programs to provide dental care for children, but some areas have little, if any, assis¬tance. So much can be done to prevent tooth decay and early loss of primary teeth. Dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants are working with communities to provide education and various services for children. The Surgeon General of the United States, with the ADA and the American Pediatric Association have expressed this national concern and are looking for ways to meet this need.

 The pediatric office is open and friendly to make the child patient feel comfortable and secure. Pediatric offices are creative and imaginative in the office setting. The decor is often bright and designed with things chil¬dren are attracted to. The reception room usually has an area for coloring or reading, a cage for small animals or a fish tank, toys for various age groups, and a display area with pictures of patients. In some Pediatric Dentist Cleveland offices, the treatment areas are designed with several dental chairs arranged in one open area. This open bay concept allows the children to see each other. It is reassuring for the child patient to know that other children are there and receiving treat¬ment.

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