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Dentists Ann Arbor Could Provide High Quality Dental Treatment for Children
Children are the future dental patients and the dental care that they receive should therefore promote positive dental experiences, which, in turn, promotes positive dental attitudes. It makes disturbing reading when some dental professionals, question whether children's teeth should be restored at all. This type of thinking, promoted usually by some public health dentists, rather than pediatric dentists Ann Arbor, is more to do with economics than conviction. There can be no doubt that untreated caries in the primary dentition can cause abscesses, pain and suffering in children. Indeed, hospital-based consultants in pediatric dentistry frequently deal with patients referred to them with severe infections related to long-standing untreated caries in the primary dentition of children who have had regular check-ups with their dentist. These children then require hospital admissions and treatment under general anesthesia, whereas a simple restoration at the time when the caries was diagnosed would have prevented this extremely distressing episode for the child.

 There are also implications for costs of carrying out this hospital-based treatment, which is substantially more than the cost of simple restorative and preventive treatment In addition, a negative dental experience for a young child could alter their attitude to dentistry and dental health for life. It is therefore essential for all dentists involved in the care of young children should be examined most critically, since their success rates in primary teeth are poor and they often need replacement.

 An example of a poor quality glass ionomer restoration in a primary molar that has failed, too often, an attempt is made to restore a huge cavity in a main tooth with a material which would not hold for very long. Breakdown of the margins or leakage around the margins leads to failure of the restoration. In many cases the cavity was originally quite deep, and irreversible pulpal necrosis occurs when the tooth dies and an abscess ensues. Attention should also be paid to the state of the primary incisors. When childhood caries has occurred, an assessment of the possibility of restoring these teeth should be made. In most cases even quite badly broken teeth can be restored with strip crowns, as long as there is sufficient coronal dentine and enamel left. Even four badly decayed maxillary incisors can be retained. In order to get the best dentals treatment it is important that one choose the dentists Ann Arbor for their children. Find certified and registered dentists for crowning and dental restoration.

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