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Consulting A Children Dentist Cleveland
Teeth problems could occur due to various reasons in the children therefore it is important to see the dentist for best childrens dentist Cleveland for best treatments. Implants offer a belter alternative to dentures; however, they are costly and can only be done if bone mass permits. Initial treatment may be to prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash such as peridex and encourage good oral hygiene. In severe cases, x-rays will be taken to determine the condition of the underlying bone. Very loose teeth can be anchored, and cementum that has worn away can be replaced with synthetic material. If pus is present, it is drained through a root canal. Very meticulous cleaning of the teeth can help prevent further plaque and calculus formation. Scaling and root planing are used to accomplish this. Teeth may have to be extracted. If bone loss is extensive, dentures may be required. Antibiotics are routinely prescribed if infection is severe.

 Periodontal surgery may be required where deep pockets of infection have formed. A gingivectomy is a minor surgical procedure performed in a dentist's office under local anesthesia in which the gums are trimmed. After the surgery, a periodontal pack is used to cover the gums, and it remains in place for about two weeks during which healing takes place. Curettage may be required to remove any diseased lining from gum pockets, so healthy tissue can reattach itself to the tooth. Splinting is a procedure which can anchor loose teeth to ones that are still firmly planted. Osseous surgery may be necessary in advanced cases of periodontal disease to correct bone structure. In order to maintain healthy and clean teeth there are various things to be followed.

 Eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits which supply sources of vitamin C and minerals and also serve to stimulate and clean the teeth and gums. Avoid refined sugar, white breads, pastries, soda pop, candy, gum, etc. These foods provide an excellent envi¬ronment for bacterial breeding in the mouth. The fact that the Western diet is so high in sugar not only increases rates of tooth decay but can depress the immune system as well which can increase the risk of periodontal disease. Make sure your diet is high in calcium and magnesium to help prevent jawbone loss; this can have an adverse effect on the health of teeth and gums. In some stud¬ies, even those suffering from advanced periodontal disease showed improvement after taking calcium sup¬plements. Gum inflammation and tooth mobility were both reduced. Blueberries are especially recommended for their high content of flavonoid. A high-fiber diet is also desirable due to the fact that fiber causes an increase in saliva¬tion. Visit the children dentist Cleveland regularly for dental check up.

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