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Professional Dry Ice Blasting For The Power Production Industry

Dry ice blasting is a specialty cleaning method used for industrial cleaning, fire damage and mold remediation. Dry ice blasting uses an air source (usually a large compressor) to blasting rice size pellets of dry ice at the surface being cleaned. The dry ice converts from solid to gas on impact with the surface being cleaned and floats away, leaving no mess behind but the surface material being cleaned in the first place. Dry ice is highly recommended when it comes to cleaning large machines and generators such as are used in the power generation industry. The benefit is found in the nature of dry ice and the fact that it disappears after contact/cleaning and leaves behind no mess in the machinery it was used to clean. This means that large machines and generators can be cleaned in place without the need for dis-assembly. This can save the right company thousands of dollars on even the simplest of jobs. Dry ice also is non conductive. This means that when cleaning machinery there is no risk of electrical shock as a result of the blasting media. Dry ice blasting not only cleans grease, buildup, contamination and more, but the cold temperature of the ice (109 below zero) results in the sterilization of the surface being cleaned. It is due to this beneficial trait that dry ice blasting has been approved as a valid food processing cleaning method by the EPA. Dry ice blasting is also a beneficial method of cleaning fire damaged surfaces and mold infested surfaces. The dry ice blasts away the fire damaged wood and leaves behind a fresh, clean surface beneath. This can save a property owner thousands of dollars in cost when compared to the price of potential tear out and replacement. The same can be said for mold damage. If you have a special cleaning situation and are interested in know if Dry Ice Blasting is a good choice, call the professionals at Arizona Dry Ice Blasting today.

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