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Something you need to take care of transfer hair
Most of us want to transfer our hair ,but there are something need to take care when do it
(1) hair Age:
Young people may need more hair volume, earlier, more aggressive treatment, hair sooner the better. If the hair is already 50 years old, when the hair conservative, in order to maintain the amount of fat. After the age of 60, male hair loss hair than the average senile appearance, in fact, not very different. If young people have been identified male hair loss, hair transplant is necessary as early as possible. Hair, once long delay, shrinking hair follicles hair root, which may affect the hair effect.
(2) the degree of hair loss:
According to the staging of male hair loss, hair loss severity is divided into seven, usually more than three, the forehead hair loss is quite obvious, then you need to hair. Existing non-surgical therapy, Mandy germinal water (5% minoxidil), generally half a year later will have the effect appears, the head baldness approximately 80% of the users are no longer unusual hair forehead hair loss, but there is no obvious the effect of hair is a good choice. Oral Paul made generally take about four months, head hair loss began to appear effect (8), but the effect of the forehead hair loss is relatively poor (more than 3 percent). Forehead hair loss often need to meet the hair to solve in order to achieve the effect of good hair.
Hair follicle whether necrosis:
If the hair transplant hair follicles necrosis, drug treatment, but the effect of the drug is not very good, far better than the hair effective; If the hair follicle has necrosis, longer hair, the medication will not let the hair follicle re-live ", only by hair transplant surgery to save. Will never fall off by itself occipital hair transplant to "place" need hair, hair re-grow new hair to keep all the biological characteristics of the original hair, then the the occipital hair to maintain life-long growth!
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