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What should be Careful When Straightening Wigs?
As we all know, most of human hair wigs wigs can be straightened. However, some wigs should be more careful when straightening. I believe that most of you do not know the warnings of straightening wigs. Here are some tips for you to read.

1. Don’t use a heat iron on your wig unless your wig id made from heat-resistant fibers. The wigs will melt as the heat is too intense for it, even at the lowest temperature.
2. If your wig is wet, do not brush your wig at this time. It can cause the fibers to frizz, stretch or snap.
3. Do not worry when the wig don’t straighten at all. Just check out the fibers of the wig is made from. The heat-resistant fibers and human hair wigs need a tool to be straightened.
4. Remember that don’t use your own hairbrush on your head. You can use a wide-toothed comb or a wire wig brush to synthetic wigs comb.
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